• planning and execution of research projects on artificial intelligence, video games, computer-based learning and human-computer interaction;
  • preparation of research project proposals to submit to European and USA funding agencies;
  • participation to international research project consortia

For instance, Interagens has been partner of the European project “eCircus“, which has realized several virtual characters for teaching social skills to children and teenagers, in particular the abilities to deal with bullying and with cultural integration. The characters perform an educational role-play and users -who can directly interact with them- can learn the most effective behaviors to perform in several situations. Interagens has used Artificial Intelligence techniques for contributing to the development of the software system that controls the characters. Visit the “Portfolio” page to learn more.

The eCircus project has been co-funded with overall 2,6M euros by the VI Framework Program of the European Union (IV Call of priority “Information Society Technologies”, contract num. IST-4-027656-STP). The consortium, besides Interagens, was formed by 8 academic partner in UK, Germany, and Portugal (Heriot-Watt University, University of Hertfordshire, University of Warwick, University of Sunderland, University of Bamberg, University of Augsburg, University of Wuerzberg, INESC-ID).

For other examples, see our Portfolio